Comprehensive Benefits Compliance Services

For even the best run organizations, keeping up with benefits regulations has become a herculean task. It’s a never-ending cycle that is exponentially increasing in complexity and volume each day.

Despite this challenge, organizations must still find a way to gain control and stability within benefits. With that in mind, we’ve built a comprehensive team of compliance specialists, capable of handling the most complex problems. They follow the changing landscape on an around-the-clock basis and know how each variation will impact your specific organization.

Our compliance team goes much further than simply monitoring the regulatory changes. They comb through every legislative document, line-by-line, evaluating its importance to your organization, keeping one eye on the legal guidelines and the other on your back. Through this approach, AIM makes it easy for you to stay informed about each regulatory change and industry update. We go one step further by sharing these updates with our clients directly, through multiple distribution channels.

At the end of the day, our clients appreciate our deep expertise and our ability to apply that knowledge to their unique organization. Some call that caring. Some call it knowledge in context. We just say we’re doing our job.

Our team of experts provides:

  • In-house ERISA benefits consultant/attorney
  • Day-to-day expert compliance support
  • Online compliance resource center
  • Signature-ready 5500 filings and Summary Annual Reports (SARs)
  • Plan document support (summaries and SPDs)