Compliance Audit

Is your organization prepared for an emergency landing?

Any trained pilot knows, landings are just as important as takeoffs. And, unfortunately, not all landings are planned. For many organizations, they prepare for a compliance audit by crossing their fingers and hoping it will not happen. But, hope is not a strategy.

The best organizations have a thoughtful process in place to comply with the laws that regulate health and welfare plans. AIM works with organizations to help make this goal a reality. AIM has specifically developed the tools and processes to make the most of your efforts and eliminate the mystery and frustration of compliance.

In today’s market, regulatory expertise and resources are critical components to keep up with ever-changing state and federal laws governing health and welfare plans. As governmental agencies continue to develop new and innovative ways to regulate employee benefit plans, organizations must stay current. And as the laws become more complex, audits are increasing in frequency. As they do, taking a proactive approach to protecting your organization and plans becomes increasingly wise.

AIM’s work as it relates to compliance support ranges from in-depth, extensive advisory services to informative updates designed to provide you with the latest changes and news in the industry. Whatever your level of needs, AIM is here to work with you.

AIM’s team provides the following services, among others:

  • Ask a compliance expert service
  • Notice and forms support
  • Compliance reviews
  • HIPAA compliance checks
  • Claims administration and enrollment audits
  • Access to frequent legal and regulatory updates
  • Assistance with Form 5500 filings and Summary Annual Reports (SARs)
  • COBRA support
  • Review of insurance carrier/vendor contracts for compliance and due diligence
  • Plan document support (including SPDs and the new Summaries of Benefits and Coverage)
  • Healthcare reform support and tools